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"At seven or eight yrs old, finding the houseplan in the Progressive Farmer magazine was an activity that I looked forward to monthy, after analyzing the details. I would draw houseplans."

I have been in love with architecture and design my entire life. My children have always teased that while on family trips, I take more pictures of doorknobs and architecture than the family. I have spent much of my life working as a designer: homes, offices, boats and planes, even drycleaners!... anything can be made attractive. Beauty around us improves relationships and quality of life.

My husband, Doug and I were asked to join friends from church on a trip to Germany a few yrs back. Doug had gone the years before with a group of guys and said that they had visited 2 villages in Germany that he wanted for me to see... knowing that I would fall in love with them!

My visit to Rothenburg, Germany was what my husband had predicted: I loved it! We stayed in a family-owned hotel that was 400 yrs old and still operated by the same family. Rothenburg is a walled city filled with locally owned small shops, restaurants, pretty flowers, people enjoying life at sidewalk cafes, antiques, churches and multiple generations of families working side by side, living near or with each other.

Rothenburg has the appearance of more simple times where children play hopscotch, ladies sew and bicycle racks are filled. Each shop is so full of its own character with unique color, architecture, flags as well as the storefront windows that beckoned me to come in. I meandered through the cobble-stone streets passionately looking at the doors, windows and curtains. There was so much to see and just being there was a gift. At this point, plans for The Market had already been done but upon seeing Rothenburg, all else seemed "boring". The inital plans were completely scratched and we started over from the ground up.

The personality of The Market is an extension of what many of us want for life to be: full of color, friendly, and welcoming.

Patti Mehling



Some of Our Inspiration

The Market takes much of its inspiration from Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Rothenburg Rothenburg Rothenburg Rothenburg Rothenburg Rothenburg Rothenburg Rothenburg



The Market is currently leasing. If you are interested in leasing retail or restaurant space with us, please contact Jana Winston at 903-343-5233 or email to for more information.


About Doug and Patti Mehling

Doug and I are a Brady Bunch; he had 2 boys and I had 3 girls. My girls’ dad was deceased. We were committed to re-marriage only if we could be a "real family", so "we have 5 kids"!

Claire, 29, is a 1st grade teacher at Jones Elementary in Tyler. She is a graduate of All Saints in Tyler, received a Bachelor of Business Administration from TCU with a Marketing major and did some work on her master’s at University of Texas at Tyler. After working in two family businesses she returned to LeTourneau University and received her teaching certificate. She loves teaching. She is also a new mom to our 1st grandbaby, Miss Lucy Grace Cozad. Claire is married to Jeremy Cozad, who works in the insurance industry. They live in Tyler.

Douglas II, 28, is working on his master’s of theology and lives in Cleburne. He graduated from Grand Prairie High School, then Southwestern Adventist University. We have to brag a bit and note that while at SWAU, he was Senior Class President and graduated with a 4.0 GPA. During college he worked as an associate pastor and still preaches near his home from time to time. His desire today is to complete both his master’s and PhD degrees then write as a recognized authority on the Old Testament. These accomplishments are certainly ones in which we are proud, knowing that Douglas also lives with so many physical handicaps accompanied by Dyschennes Muscular Dystrophy. He has been in a wheelchair since the age of 9 and now requires around the clock care. His limitations have not deterred his desire for accomplishment. His studies are now done online and he reads and writes through the use of special computer programs. Douglas is currently writing a new book chronicling some of the trials and tribulations of life with Muscular Dystrophy.

Alex, 23, is a happy resident of Breckenridge Village of Tyler, a Baptist home for adults with a disability. Alex has experienced a wide range of education: she was home-schooled by two of our wonderful Christian friends, ETCA, Robert E Lee, Brush Ranch in Santa Fe, New Mexico and in Delaware. She now helps her older sister Claire with the first graders giving one-on-one attention in listening to them read. At BVT she is also a helper. She calls herself a "caregiver in training" and takes much pride in this position in part because it is her connection to At Home Healthcare. She assists some of the other residents in chores and also is teaching some to read and spell.

Carlyle, 21, has studied at Baylor University for the last 1 1/2 yrs and has decided to complete her education at University of Texas at Tyler. She has heard Doug praise the education available at both University of Texas and Tyler Junior College. She would like to enter some area of healthcare within the At Home Healthcare organization.

Dan, 16, is a junior at Brook Hill School in Bullard. Dan plays football for the Guard, enjoys his youth group at First Baptist Church where he has done Royal Kids Camp for foster kids and mission trips. Dan has grown up in and around At Home Healthcare and worked this summer in the IT Department. He is considering the military as part of his education and career. Dan has the heart of a great caregiver if we are blessed to one day include him in the At Home Healthcare family.
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